Pulmonaria 'Shrimps On The Barbie' - Lungwort

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A clump forming and low maintenance plant this Pulmonaria will give you amazing flowers and foliage! ‘Shrimps on the Barbie’ blooms from mid to late spring, displaying deep shrimp-pink flowers in eye-catching clusters on upright stems. The large elongated leaves are heavily marked with irregular silver spots, perfect for shining in the sunlight. This foliage remains throughout the entire growing season making this a versatile form of ground cover giving you seasonal blooms and unique leaves. 

Make sure to place this in an area of full sun or partial shade and moist but well drained soil. It is fully hardy so can be planted in exposed or sheltered gardens.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers. 

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 12.99, today just 8.99 - Save £4!

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