SPECIAL DEAL - Pyracantha - Pack of 10 for Hedging - circa 60-80cms

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This  pack of Pyracantha is perfect for creating a thick, evergreen impenetrable barrier. Lustrous dark green foliage adorns this vigorous, upright grower, as well as prickly thorns.


It is great to provide privacy, and often utilised to for a secure boundary to property. In May it will produce masses of white flowers, these are then followed in Autumn by coloured berries. Highly valued for the Autumn garden when the huge masses of bright fruit will steal the show.


They're also much loved as a food source by garden birds. Typically grown to around 2 metres tall as a hedge, simply clip once or twice a year to maintain the size you want - be it 1 or 3 metres high.

10 pot grown hedging plants, supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers at a height of approx 60-80cm - ready to grow away and established quickly.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 99.99, today just 59.99 - Save £40!

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