Rose Gardenia - Climbing Rambling Rose
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Rose Gardenia - Climbing Rambling Rose

Product ref: R17045

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Gardenia is an attractive white double-flowered rose that slowly opens to gorgeous pale yellow shade reminiscent of a Gardenia shrub. Tried and tested, it is a a strong garden performer, putting on plenty of healthy growth relatively quickly and producing lots of lovely fragrant flowers throughout the summer. It will also handle a touch of shade where other varieties might struggle so is a quite forgiving rose if you think you have a tricky spot. Rose Gardenia has a sweet, delicate scent to the soft cushioned flowers which are produced in good numbers. It is a good strong grower, so plant next to a rose arch, trellis or wall train the new growth as soon as you can to keep it growing in the direction you require. Supplied in approx 5 litre containers.