Rose Dreaming Spires - Climbing Rose

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Rose 'Dreaming Spires' is a superb variety, producing lots of flowers in the fashionable shade of yellow-apricot. With simple, cup-shaped flowers produced in neat clusters, this is a really pretty variety that's perfect for creating that idyllic cottage-garden effect. The flowers are medium-sized and fairly dainty compared to some of the blousier blooms that you can buy. It is strongly scented too, meaning you'll catch the odd waft of fragrance on a warm sunny day. Perhaps plant Dreaming Spires in a place where there is plenty of foot traffic to appreciate the perfume every time you pass. It is quick to establish but keeps a tidy shape, making it the ideal 'welcome' rose trained around the front door, pergola, rose arch or wherever you wish! Climbing Rose Dreaming Spires has a good fragrance and grows up to a height of around 3 metres (10ft). Supplied in approx 5 litre container.