Rhododendron Christmas Cheer

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'Christmas Cheer' is a truly exceptional variety of Rhododendron and is definitely one of our favourites! One of the earliest flowering Rhododendrons, blooming from March. The name of this plant comes from the fact it used to be forced in to flower in greenhouses and then used as a magnificent decoration on the Christmas table!

At first, the buds are a light pink and these open up to reveal a beautiful truss of blush-pink flowers that eventually mature and fade into an almost white. A spectacular plant that is both fully hardy and easy to grow, a true gardeners delight. The evergreen, rounded, dark-green foliage helps show off these blooms by contrasting well with the lighter, pink flowers.

Keep the soil moist, well-drained and like all Rhododendrons, 'Christmas Cheer' prefers slightly acidic soil. It will also do really well in a roomy patio planter. Eventually reaching a height of around 140-160cms in 10 years, it can be pruned to keep it smaller and more compact. This would make a lovely gift for somebody with even the slightest interest in their garden and should be present in both novice and expert's gardens alike!

Supplied in approx 10 litre containers.