Rhododendron Dusty Miller

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Rhododendron ‘Dusty Miller’ is a captivating evergreen shrub much loved for its stunning silvery, dusty foliage and attractive large flowers. In spring, it bursts into a spectacular display of beautiful pale-pink flowers flushed red, which fade to cream as the season continues. The large characteristic leaves remain all year round, providing you with dark-green, silvery glossy foliage which creates a perfect screen for other flowers. It is an ideal choice for adding texture and colour to mixed borders but also works well as a specimen planting in a patio scheme. 


This is a versatile, low maintenance plant which requires acidic and moist but well-drained soil. Make sure you place this in an area that gets a lot of light as this Rhododendron grows best in full sun or partial shade. 

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.


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