Rhododendron ‘Marcel Menard’ - Deep Purple Rhododendron

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This is a tough Rhododendron variety, displaying glossy dark green foliage and splendid deep purple flowers with eye-catching green speckling on the inner petals. An evergreen medium-sized shrub ‘Marcel Menard’ will give your garden colour and structure all year round. It looks wonderful as a specimen plant in a pot and also works well in a border or bed.

It is low-maintenance, requiring minimal pruning but like most Rhododendrons, it requires acidic soil, so if you've got a chalky soil consider planting in to a large sunken containers with a special soil mix, or just grow in a tub on the patio. Marcel Manard will do best in partial shadein a moist but well-drained spot.

Supplied in approx.5 litre containers.

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