Rhododendron 'Polarnacht'- Patio Tree circa 60-70cm

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This hardy, evergreen Rhododendron is the perfect versatile shrub for any garden! Low maintenance and adaptable, ‘Polar Nacht’ provides stunning summer colour and lovely foliage all year round. Its funnel shaped flowers bloom from late May to early June in dense clusters at the top of each stem, they open into a beautiful vibrant purple with red spots and contrasting yellow stamens. The glossy, light green foliage really makes these flowers pop. This bright exotic looking shrub works best as a statement piece in a patio container and is an amazing addition to a border scheme.

Like other Rhododendrons ‘Polar Nacht’ requires slightly acidic soil and it prefers to be placed in a moist but well-drained area. This is a versatile shrub able to grow in exposed or sheltered gardens but thrives best in partial shade.

Supplied at around 60-70cm tall in approx. 3 litre containers.