WINTER SALE - Rhus typhina dissecta - Tiger Eyes - Staghorn Sumac

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The finely dissected, fern-like leaves of this handsome shrub emerge each spring in a bright chartreuse flush, but they soon take on the rich golden tones that last throughout the summer. It's in the autumn however that this plant becomes even more eye-catching, as it's then that the yellow leaves turn dazzling shades of red and orange.


Needless to say, it's primarily grown for this stunning foliage, but it also produces upright spikes of female greenish yellow flowers in summer, and then cone-like clusters of red fruits develop. It makes a magnificent, stand-alone specimen that will develop an architectural profile as it matures, while its colourful foliage also makes it a valuable accent plant.


Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.


WINTER SALE - Usually 29.97, today just 19.97 - Save £10!

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