Large 6-7ft Specimen Climbing Rose - Rose Goldilocks - Courtyard Climber

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The quintessential English garden plant, all gardens of note find a special place for the Rose. The Rose is a hard working plant, bringing its multiple flamboyant blooms into the garden for long stretches of the summer.

Rosa ‘Goldilocks’ is no exception to this , it has dark green foliage that really brings out the stunning bright goldy yellow flowers that are packed in a tight whorl of petals. The plant begins producing these beauties as early as spring and will keep budding all the way through the summer until the autumn.

“Goldilocks’ will love a nice sunny spot to bring out the best in its qualities and it requires a good fertile soil that will not waterlog. Roses are hungry plants so it is recommended a good thick dress of well-rotted manure in early spring, at the same time cut back the Rose by threequarters to outward facing buds, this triggers new growth that will produce the coming seasons flowers.

Supplied in approx. 5.5 litre containers at a height of approx. 180-200cm.