Rosmarinus officinalis Tuscan Blue - Rosemary

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‘Tuscan Blue’ rosemary has it all – beautiful flowers over a long period, attractive evergreen foliage, and provision of a valuable culinary herb for adding flavour to a wide range of dishes. This hardy evergreen shrub is perfect for sunny borders, gravel gardens and large pots, adding an aromatic Mediterranean touch!

If a compact plant is desired, its size can be kept in check by pruning after flowering in spring. If left, it can reach up to 2 metres tall in ideal conditions, which even gives possibilities to use as an unusual hedge. 

Rosemary ‘Tuscsan Blue’ is an unusually upright variety boasting vivid, deep blue flowers and slightly broader leaves than other varieties. It may bloom intermittently throughout the year but generally flowers most profusely in spring with a second flush in summer and autumn. 

Top Quality bushy plants supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.