Syringa vulgaris Primrose - Rare Yellow Lilac Bush
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Syringa vulgaris Primrose - Rare Yellow Lilac Bush

Product ref: S6G003

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The Rare Yellow Lilac, finally available! Beloved on the continent, where it is much more widely grown than in this country, we are delighted to make this splendidly garden-worthy shrub available in the UK.

In mid-spring this compact, densely-branched shrub erupts with armloads of single-flowered, pastel yellow blooms, carried in large, rounded trusses. The amazing colour becomes even richer as the plant matures, giving you a more dramatic show each year! A fine contrast to the lilac and lavender blues of other Syringa, Primrose is a star of the Lilac garden!

Referred to simply as ''The Yellow Lilac'' here, this handsome plant is supplied in approx 4 litre containers. Very well branched lots of fragrant blooms.