Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion - Beauty Berry

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This Callicarpa, or beauty berry as it is better known carries colourful Autumnal fruits that cannot be rivalled for a jolt of eye catching late season colour. Shaded in bright metallic purple, there is no other shrub with berries quite like it.

In summer the shrub is covered with masses of tiny star shaped lilac-pink flowers, these attractive not only to the human eye, but also a host of bees and other beneficial garden insects which help to pollinate the Callicarpa shrubs flowers. When pollinated, the berries will start to develop in large clusters, the true beauty of which is revealed in Autumn as they ripen and the plants leaves fall to reveal bare stems studded with these jewels. The bare branches laden with berries look gorgeous in flower arrangements, and the shrub also brightens up a late autumn border. Great for wild life and attractive to birds who'll delight in eating the berries when ripe.For the very best show of berries in your garden, we always suggest that you should plant a minimum of two plants, thus ensuring plenty of cross pollination, and extra heavy displays of the berries that will follow on your Callicarpa.

Fully hardy and easy to grow, Callicarpa Profusion will perform best in a well drained brightly lit position in the garden, although it will also tolerate partial shade. Deciduous and bushy, it is a fantastic addition to beds and borders. Maintenance wise, simply trim after losing its berries to keep as a smaller sized plant or to neaten it up. It is happy to be kept small and compact. Perhaps try cut stems inside the home as an extra dimension in a bright seasonal flower display.

Supplied as established plants in approx 5 litre containers.

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