Buddleja Flutterby Flow - Lavender Flow Butterfly Bush Buddleja

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Try this low-growing new Buddleia as a colourful groundcover.

Traditional Buddleja are a staple landscaping and garden plant, but the Flutterby Flow now offers something completely different. Growth is not upright, but more horizontal! Thanks to this compact and spreading habit, Flutterby Flow works well as a groundcover, even in hanging baskets for something really unusual.

It grows low and wide, spreading up to 3-4 feet wide, but just 1-2 feet tall, with fuzzy foliage and dense, continuous flowers from early summer until frost.

Flutterby Flow is free flowering and really appealing to butterflies and beneficial insects. Doing best in full sun, Flutterby Flow Lavender has gray-green foliage and lavender flowers in spring, summer and autumn. It will reach up to 60cms tall and 120cms wide. Supplied in approx 3 Litre containers.

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