Ceanothus Victoria - Evergreen Californian Lilac

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Ceanothus Victoria is a fantastic evergreen shrubs. Bright glossy foliage all year round. A show stopper from late spring through to summer. Cobalt Blue flowers buds burst into Indigo Blue Flowers. Perfect as a feature on its own or mixed with other shrubs. Easy to grow and drought tolerant. Ceanothus Victoria is simply one of the best of all Californian lilacs available, not only for it's easy going nature, being very straight forward to grow, but also because it is reliably tough and hardy throughout the country.

Cobalt blue in bud, bursting in to brilliant bright indigo, the flowers make Ceanothus Victoria an absolute show stopper in the spring through to summer. These look fantastic against the backdrop of glossy evergreen foliage. As an added bonus, this shrub is extremely tough, being drought tolerant once established, it is also quick to grow and fill any gap you may have for it. Perfect for a mixed shrub border, as a feature on it's own, or growing against a fence or wall. Super quality plants, typical stock pictured, each supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers with buds/flowers in season.