Photinia cassini Pink Marble - Hardy, Evergreen Variegated Red Robin Shrub

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Thought to be a sport of the ever popular, and top selling Photinia x fraseri Red Robin, the foliage of Pink Marble is extraordinary. Displaying THREE colours, this Photinia has very special variegated foliage displaying green, cream, pink and young red shoots at the same time.

There is no other Photinia like it, which is sure to make it a winner for those gardeners seeking something a little different from the regular Red Robin variety. Evergreen Photinias are always very popular, be it as a stand-alone shrub, standard tree, used as a backdrop to beds and borders, or for hedging.

From the dwarf "Little Red Robin" variety for patio planters, to the full sized "Red Robin", "Pink Marble" will add a new dimension to this group of plants. Will grow well in all free draining soils, is fully hardy, even in the coldest of locations, and needs no special care, it's easy to grow.

Being evergreen, it is highly ornamental over a long period, and will surprise everyone with its fabulous foliage colourations - the new growth reminds us of a good quality rose wine! Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.