Edgeworthia chrysantha Red Dragon

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Red Dragon is a rare and highly sought after variety of a very small group of shrubs that should be far more widely planted and much better known. Closely related to Daphne, this stunning plant flowers from late winter in to early spring and carries unusual looking blooms that produce a beautifully intense fragrance. Originating from woodlands in the Himalayas and China it is highly prized for its flowers, which appear in clusters on the tips of bare stems opening in late winter. These have a perfume which will help attract the toughest winter insects to assist pollination. In bud the blooms are covered in attractive silky white hairs that make them look as if they are covered in frost, adding an extra dimension of interest.

Red Dragon really is a great plant for the winter garden, they may not be well known, they are however easy to grow. In summer green foliage covers the branches, which will reach as high as two metres over time if left unpruned, it is however a slower growing plant so will not become invasive. If you want to extend the period of interest, try growing at the rear of a mixed border to nice size and then allow a summer flowering clematis to scramble through the branches.

Edgeworthia Red Dragon will be a real star in any winter garden, it will provide much needed interest when very little else is in flower. Plants are well branched with an open habit and will be covered with masses of large superbly scented flowers. The seductive perfume from an established specimen will quite literally waft around the garden and delight the senses.

Starting in mid-winter and continuing in to early Spring, the Edgeworthia has bright scarlet-red blooms over a long period.

Supplied in approx 7.5 litre containers, with buds and flowers in season. Stock is very limited on this very rare hard to find plant, hence the premium price tag.