Hamamelis x intermedia Westerstede - Chinese Witch Hazel - Large Specimen

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Superb bright yellow autumn foliage colour and clusters of sweetly scented, golden winter flowers are just two good reasons to choose Hamamelis x intermedia 'Westersted' for your garden. It will form a large wide spreading vased shaped shrub over time, that will make the perfect foundation plant for a shrub border.

Like all Chinese Witch Hazel the main feature is the autumn foliage and winter flower interest, not to mention an enticing fragrance. In the autumn foliage will transition from green to golden yellow, then often display bright orange and red highlights before it falls.

When this foliage drops the anticipation of the blooming period can begin as a network of bare branches reveals immature buds that quickly swell as the coldest months approach before they burst open to reveal the intricate spridery blooms.

Supplied in approx 7-10 litre containers in bud and flower in season.

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