Pittosporum Irene Paterson - 'Kohuhu' - LARGE

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Pittosporum 'Irene Paterson' is more of a slow-growing variety of Kohuhu than most others. The rounded, slightly wavy leaves are white when they first open, they then mature into a dark-green, beautifully speckled with white which often flushes pink in Winter. Shooting from unusual black stems, the gorgeous foliage makes it a highly attractive shrub for providing all-year round interest. A slightly hardier variety of Pittosporum, we still recommend planting in a more sheltered site to ensure that no weather damage will occur. Chocolate-purple flowers appear in Spring that are very sweetly-scented, however, this is not a reliable flowerer and is mostly grown for it's striking foliage. Strong, bushy plants supplied in approx 7.5 litre containers.