Rhododendron Goldkrone - Rhododendron Hybrid
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Rhododendron Goldkrone - Rhododendron Hybrid

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'Goldkrone' is a beautiful variety of Rhododendron, in early summer, clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers appear above the lustrous, evergreen foliage. Each flower is a light, golden colour that almost seems to glow in the early morning sun, with upper lobes that are lightly freckled with reddish brown.

This rounded shrub looks beautiful in a woodland setting, or can be planted up in a large tub filled with ericaceous compost and placed on a partially shady patio. Fully hardy and easy to grow, rhododendrons are rewarding and sure to bring you great joy when it comes into flower. Will reach an approx. max height of 1. 5m with a similar spread.