Acer palmatum 'Ariadne' - Exquisite Japanese Maple

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This fantastic variety of Acer, also known as Japanese Maple, provides a wealth of garden interest all year round.

Ariadne is a semi-dwarf variety with a nice bushy spreading habit, gradually forming a lovely small tree. It can also be pruned to keep it in a compact bushy form.

Acer palmatum Ariadne is a multi-coloured maple in that it goes through several colour changes throughout the year. The array of colours is quite amazing, with a final dazzling flare each autumn before the winter months take hold.

Initially in Spring the fresh growth is a glorious mixture of marbled pinks, orange and yellow with bright green veining throughout each and every leaf.

Then the leaves take of a reddish-purple hue for the summer months whilst retaining the contrast of green veins.

Finally, the foliage over the entire tree will shade to a fiery orange before transitioning to red prior to leaf fall. For the very best leaf colour through the year Ariadne will do best in a sunny or partially shaded spot.

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.