Ribes sanguineum Amour - Amore Flowering Currant

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Ribes Amore is a spectacular Spring flowering currant bush variety that looks fantastic as the buds start to colour up in February and March, all the way through to the last flowers finishing in May.

The unique traits of Amore are the large flower clusters that bloom along the entire length of its stems, differentiating it from varieties of the past that bloomed more sparsely.  The flowers are a romantic pink-red colour and have a sweet vanilla scent.  Amour flowers very abundantly to create a spectacular effect wherever it is planted in your garden.

Ribes Amour also benefits from having a compact bushy growth habit with a maximum height of around 150cms and a width of 100cms.  This compact size lends it easily to many different positions in the garden.

Suitable for any soil, Ribes Amore will grow well in full sun or partial shade.  It will be perfect as a solitary specimen on a terrace or balcony or used in mixed containers.  It's also great used in shrub borders and for landscaping or mass planting.

Supplied in approx.  3 litre pots, the quality is magnificent, dripping in buds and flowers on delivery on season.

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