Scabiosa Incisa Koda White

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Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo White', is a pretty plant for any garden, bearing a mass of crisp, white pincushion flowers almost without stopping from early summer through to autumn. This perennial plant bears the same name as the Pincushion Flower and shows off bright white flowers against a mounded habit of deeply lobed green foliage. Stands an impressive 40-60cm high, certainly making an impact to the border or cottage gardens, used as part of the cutting garden where the flowers can be enjoyed from garden to floral work inside. Thriving in full sun and requiring little else, 'Kudo White' will only need well-drained soil to reach its highest potential. Contributing even further to its success, gardeners will find its established drought tolerance quite appealing. Supplied in approx. 1L container.