Silene Rollies Favourite

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The delightful perennial Silene 'Rollies Favourite' is prized for its vivid and striking flowers. This Silene cultivar, commonly called catchfly, has clusters of vivid pink blossoms that contrast sharply with its light green, lance-shaped leaves. The blooms are especially well-known for their deeply cleft petals, which give garden displays a distinctive texture. 'Rollies Favourite' is a late spring to early summer bloomer that grows to a height of around 30 cm, which makes it ideal for borders, rock gardens, or as an underplanting for taller perennials.

This plant is a low-maintenance choice for busy gardeners because it grows well in full sun to partial shade, likes well-drained soil, and can withstand drought once it gets established. A longer flowering period will be encouraged by routine deadheading.

Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.

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