Skimmia japonica 'Beautiful' Plant - In Bud & Berry

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Skimmia japonica Beautiful is a recently introduced variety of these favourite evergreen plants with some unique benefits over varieties previously available. In the past if you wanted a skimmia for flowers you had to buy one type of plant, and if you wanted berries, another type. This Skimmia however has a quite befitting name, and is a plant that does it all! Forming a shapely dome of neat evergreen foliage, it covers itself with attractive russet coloured flower buds throughout the winter months.

These open in spring as pretty clusters of star shaped scented, pale pink-white flowers. As these fade, they give way to large bunches of glossy red berries. The berries last well into the icy months, beyond the winter solstice, and into the new year, making this shrub a seasonal joy, meaning that both the flower buds and berries are present on the plant at the same time to give a unique look.

It will grow very happily in a smart patio planter on the patio or balcony, provided it is not left to bake in full sun all day, and is kept well watered and fed during the growing season. It is also fantastic for under planting in wooded land, or if your garden is more modest, why not add something special and give some structure to a mixed border?

It's a perfect plant for the garden to provide interest when little else is looking good. Our Skimmia are beautiful plants that are of the highest quality and are supplied in approx 3-4 litre containers, they are large, bushy established shrubs and will be supplied with buds and/or berries in season.

They'll make a dramatic and instant impact in your garden. They're also an ideal festive gift for some one special that could do with something to brighten up the winter garden. Alternatively why not parade a pair in smart planters either side of your front door as welcoming festive decor to visiting guests.