SPECIAL DEAL - Amazing Acers - Japanese Maple Collection
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SPECIAL DEAL - Amazing Acers - Japanese Maple Collection

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An amazing Special deal on our fabulous Acers - Whilst stocks last!

We are offering 4 fantastic varieties of these highly sought Japanese Maples, each in approx. 2-3 Litre containers, lovely bushy plants at up to 60cms tall depending on variety and time of year, for just £79.95, that's under £20 each!!

This collection has been specially selected to give a variety of foliage, colours, shapes and textures and will be selected from the wide range of varieties we grow on our nursery such as:

Acer palmatum Beni Kawa

A magnificent variety of coral bark maple, this cultivar is popular due to its flaming, coral-red bark. The soft green-gold leaves are a sharp contrast to the brilliant bark and in winter the shining stems stand out against the white drifts of snow. Watch for bright, golden-red Autumn colour for another surprise effect.

Acer palmatum dissectum Firecracker

A Firecracker by name and nature, this is a spectacular, recently introduced variety that is highly sought after. The key attraction is its finely-cut deep purple foliage carried on crimson coloured stems. This foliage turns a fabulous fiery red in autumn. A dense growing, mound forming variety with an upright, but spreading habit, making it ideal for planting near to ponds and other garden features.

Acer palmatum Orange Dream

A Japanese maple cultivar rare to the nursery trade and of unique form and colour. A narrowly upright growth habit and slow rate make 'Orange Dream' a large shrub to small tree depending on culture. Striking orange-yellow foliage over bright green bark results in a truly different look. This beautiful Japanese maple will enhance any garden. It will also look wonderful in a pot or tub on the patio of balcony. The Autumn colour and older foliage is breathtaking yellow.

Acer palmatum Shin-Deshojo

This variety has stunning Brilliant red foliage and is one our customers favourites, and probably best value Japanese Acers.
Acer ''Shin-Deshojo'' has spring colour like no other, it is a burning scarlet to fire red, this is combined with a semi dwarf growth habit that lends itself well to growing in a large tub or patio planter, all adding to the high demand we have for this easy to grow variety. The new growth throughout the summer retains the bright colouration, and it takes on all the fiery shades of autumn like other Acers too.

Ideal for creating a Japanese theme anywhere in your garden. Order today to take advantage of this great offer. The above varieties are just a few examples from our vast range, your collection will be selected from the above types and Bloodgood, Emerald Lace, Dissectum, Jerre Swchwartz, Pixie, Trompenburg, Skeeters Broom, Garnet, Ariadne, Atrolinea, Katsura, Emma, Suminagashi, Aconitifolium, Koto-no-ito, Tsumagaki, Orangeola, Emerald Lace, Ellen, Kaba, Nathan, Yezo Nishiki, Seiryu, Orange Dream, Momoiro Koyasan and more! Great in pots or containers, or planted in the ground mixed with other shrubs and acers.

Remember, the bark of some Acer varieties has a nice winter glow, so they offer more than just foliage value in the garden. They are absolutely outstanding for autumnal colour. If you don't want a full collection yourself, why not share with friends? The plants will arrive with a total height of up to 50cms depending on variety and time of year and are perfect to keep on the patio in planters or plant around the garden and garden ponds. These plants give a wonderful effect in the garden whatever the season.

BUY NOW!!! This Special Deal is only available whilst stocks last.