Aromatic Scented Cascading Angelique Begonias - Pack of Two

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Begonia Angelique produces a tumbling cascading of full, white blushed pink blooms that trail elegantly down the sides of hanging baskets and pots.

Plant these Begonia aromatica for a Summer Long Display of Gorgeous Large Blooms, they really are aromatic, with each flower giving you an amazing scent! These really are the very first truly fragrant trailing Begonias! Flower Power and gorgeous soft scent all wrapped in one sensational flower. Bred by Begonia experts in Belgium, these gorgeous plants are admired both for their delightful fragrance as well as their giant rose-like blooms. Their aromatic scent literally fills the air with a delicious medley of fragrances ranging from fresh citrus lemon to indulgent soft rose. Each amazing flower head measures up to 12-15cms (4-5 inches) across - so large in fact that they will hang down in a beautiful waterfall cascade.

Try them planted in hanging baskets, tubs and planters where they can tumble down over the side. They thrive in hot and dry, or wet and windy Summers - one of the main reasons behind their success and popularity in UK gardens with our unpredictable weather. Try a small posy for a lovely indoor display or floating a few heads in a large bowl of water, both will smell simply fantastic! Our Fragrant Begonias are supplied as premium quality tubers with easy to follow growing instructions.