Gerbera Plants - Selection of Three Beautiful Hardy Gerberas with Giant Daisy Flowers

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Pack of 3 Plants in assorted colours

Delivered in approx. 1 litre pots bursting in to bloom Multiple flowers on every plant

Large Cheerful Daisy Flowers

Perfect for Garden or Patio

Can be used as a pot plant indoors

Cut Blooms can be used to create stylish bouquets


Time was when gerberas were pretty but tender houseplants that bloomed for a week or two then started to wilt: put them outside and they'd succumb to the first frosts, never to be seen again. But thanks to Dutch breeders, these new perennial Gerbera promise winter hardiness to -5C, a long flowering season and resistance to pests and diseases. With a classic gerbera daisy look, and large blooms in vast quantities you can expect flowers from June all the way through to October when the first frosts of winter arrive. Growing up to around 40cms tall and wide when planted in the garden, beds, borders or cheerful patio planters. They can also be used indoors to adorn coffee tables, windowsills or even a brightly lit desk to raise a smile when ever they are seen. You'll save yourself a packet at the florist too if you grow your own gerberas for cutting. Each plant has the potential to produce up to 100 flowers for the vase through the season. The obvious choice is to put this plant in a container, so you can enjoy the blooms up close on a balcony or patio, but they'll grow happily in a mixed border of grasses and other blooms.

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