SPECIAL DEAL - Helleborus Collection of FIVE Orientalis Hellebore Plants
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SPECIAL DEAL - Helleborus Collection of FIVE Orientalis Hellebore Plants



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Hellebores are easy to grow plants that thrive in partial or even full shade. They make excellent plants to use around the base of shrubs and trees to provide valuable and intriguing winter interest with their diverse variety of flower colours and forms. This collection has been specially selected to give you Six fantastic different varieties, selected at random from the wide selection we grow on our nursery, including the rarer and highly sought colours that are often very hard to find or expensive. We have limited quantities, so please be sure to order your collection quickly. These plants have dark green, leathery leaves, each having seven to nine-fingered leaflets. From midwinter to mid-spring the large, saucer-shaped flowers are produced on the singled flowered types, or ruffled pleated pom-poms on the double flowered forms. This collection of colours may include, but is not restricted to: Slate Double Yellow Spotted Double Pink Spotted Yellow Spotted Pink Spotted White Spotted Pack of FIVE Hellebores, lovely, highly sought plants, this is a great value way to start a collection. Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers. Perfect for adding brightness and garden interest when little else is showing colour, plant these now to guarantee the beautiful flowers every winter. Available Whilst stocks last!!
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