Large Specimen Acer palmatum dissectum Firecracker - Japanese Maple - circa 100-140cms

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‘Firecracker’ is a striking Acer with stunning shape and colour, perfect for patio or border planting. Between 1.2-1.4m tall, this specimen is slow-growing and can easily be kept as a small deciduous tree. It has intricate, feathery leaves appearing a deep purple in spring and turning a bright orange red in the autumn. This Acer’s dark red sculptural stems will also add winter interest to your garden, even after ‘Firecracker’ loses its leaves. A mound forming variety that looks perfect located near a water feature where you can benefit from double the effect as its reflection dances on the water’s surface.

This acer is easy to grow preferring partial shade or full sun. Place in moist but well drained soil in a sheltered area to protect from cold winds and leaf scorching. 

Supplied in approx. 10-12 litre containers. These are well established large specimens at around 100-140cms tall.

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