SPECIAL DEAL - PAIR of Premium Quality circa 100cm Standard OLIVE Trees - Olea europea

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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 79.97, today just 49.97 - Save £30!

Olives are famous worldwide for a wide range of uses, particularly for culinary purposes, olive oil and cosmetics too. Cultivated since Roman times, and probably much earlier, this makes them ideal gifts.

One of the most stunning Mediterranean Plants.

Beautiful silvery evergreen foliage on a neat compact trees

A symbol of peace and tranquillity - the perfect way to say sorry perhaps?

Edible fruits can be produced in the UK!

Suitable for growing outdoors, in patio planters, or in a bright conservatory.

Living 'Roman History' in a pot, providing long lasting value.

TWO extra strong, premium quality hardy olive trees, each supplied in approx. 5 litre containers. (Please note jute wrap depicted is not included.)

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 79.97, today just 49.97 - Save £30!

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