Trachycarpus fortunei - LARGE Hardy Windmill Palm - 100-120cm

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Trachycarpus are one of the best palms for the UK, proving to be very tough, hardy and reliable even in the coldest British winters. They will form a single-stemmed evergreen palm with wonderful, fan-shaped, dark green leaves up to 75cm long.

Also known as the Windmill or Chusan palm, they will make an excellent specimen plant for sunny exotic garden or courtyard, and look particularly handsome in a decorative container. One of the most reliably hardy palms available, feed well and plant in a well drained position to enjoy a taste of the exotic all year round in your garden.

Chunky Large, 100-120cm specimen supplied as pictured in approx 7-10 litre containers with a nice trunk forming.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 79.99, today just 49.99 - Save £30!

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