Stargazer Lily - Oriental Lily Pack of TEN Lilium Bulbs

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These Giant Flowered Oriental lilies - Lilium Stargazer - are the most popular Lily variety in the world, used extensively in bouquets and the florist trade. Exceptionally beautiful and a must for lovers of cut flowers, allowing you to grow the real thing in your own garden.

Like regular lillies they'll have an unmistakable powerful fragrance, that wonderful scent you would expect from a Lilium. The Giant flowers are produced in vibrant colours each summer. The amazing, freckled pink blooms are very easy to grow and look perfect in a vase or in the garden.

Planted in the right location lilies can be left undisturbed and will grow back every year. For best results plant in clumps in well-drained soil where they are not exposed to wind and can get plenty of sunlight, in perfect conditions the flower stems will rise to a height of around 3-4ft.

Pack of TEN top sized bulbs ready to plant.