Fuchsia 'Versicolor'

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Fuchsia ‘Versicolour’ is a true gem for any garden giving you a captivating display of colour with its bright flowers and arching red stems. It flowers all the way for early summer to the first frosts, ‘Versicolour’ displays slender, pendulous flowers with bright red tubes and sepal contrasting against the vibrant purple corollas. The green-grey leaves are margined with cream and when they first appear are flushed a subtle pink. The long arching stems are a deep red which brings out the beauty of the foliage and blooms. This is the perfect plant for an informal hedge or to line mixed borders. For a harmonious display, pair it with complementary plants like Lobelia or Petunia which will enhance its visual appeal with contrasting textures and colours. 


This Fuchsia does best when planted in full sun or partial shade and prefers well-drained or moist soil. Similarly to other Fuchsias it should be protected from frosty areas but will thrive in exposed or sheltered gardens. 

Supplied in approx 2 litre containers. 

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