The Illustrated Gardener's Guide to Growing Fuchsias - Fabulous Fuchsia Book

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"The Illustrated Gardener's Guide to Growing Fuchsias"

Fantastic Comprehensive Fuchsia Book

The book is a complete guide to cultivating fuchsias, with step-by-step gardening techniques, an illustrated directory of over 500 varieties and 800 beautiful photographs.

Beginning with the outdoor garden, this book shows how to grow fuchsias as specimen plants, for summer bedding, in the rockery, under planted with bulbs, as hedges and as trained shapes.

Beautifully illustrated galleries showcase an inspirational range of colours and types.

A section on container gardens shows how to use fuchsias in large pots, urns, troughs, boxes, hanging baskets, hanging pots, wall troughs, wall pots, chimney pots and more.

A comprehensive techniques section looks at every aspect of basic fuchsia care.

Advice on how to deal with pests and diseases is included, as well as a detailed calendar of care for the year.

Finally, an illustrated directory provides the perfect resource for growers looking for the best varieties.

With its wealth of hands-on practical advice, step-by-step sequences and 800 colour photographs, this is the ideal reference book for everyone who has a passion for these beautiful and well-loved plants.

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