Tulip 'Banja Luka' - Pack of 30 Bulbs

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A truly vibrant golden yellow and ruby red Tulip, 'Banja Luka' is unique and striking.

Giant darwin hybrid tulips are all show-stoppers, with Tulip 'Banja Luka' a vibrant golden yellow and ruby - unique and striking, it will steal the show and become a much loved addition to your garden with the combination of feathery red markings highlighting the golden yellow petals. With flowers almost double the size of most hybrid Tulips, these are also robust, shrugging off Spring showers thanks to their strong flower stems.

Appearing in mid-spring, Tulip 'Banja Luka' conjures up thoughts of the olympic torch with its flaming flowes. The blooms are also ideal for cut flowers to bring vibrancy and colour into your home.

Plant in beds or borders or simply in decorative planters, this Tulip is named after the second city of Bosnia Herzegovina.

Flowers mid-late Spring

Approx height 50-70cm

Pack of 30 Bulbs

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 14.99, today just 7.99 - Save £7!

Plant bulbs from mid to late autumn. Can be placed in borders or container pots. These enjoy full sun or partial shade Plant your bulbs 2-3x as deep as the bulb is in height. Space bulbs in the soil roughly 2x bulb diameter apart.

For best outcome, plant in well-drained soil in full sun position or partial shade. Plant in Autumn and to flower in Spring.