Viburnum plicatum Kilimanjaro Sunrise

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Viburnum plicatum The stunning, erect shrub "Kilimanjaro Sunrise" is well-known for its layers of lacecap flowers, which begin as pink buds and mature into a soft white colour. This award-winning cultivar, especially in the early to mid-spring, is compared to a mountain peak in bloom. The vivid red berries that gradually become black replace the flowers as the summer heat builds, adding interest throughout the growing season. In autumn, the leaves likewise change, putting on a breathtaking show of red and purple. Reaching up to three metres in height, it is perfect for borders or as a specimen plant. It likes a place in full sun or light shade with wet, well-drained soil. With its graceful shape, "Kilimanjaro Sunrise" is a low-maintenance option that can enhance any garden.

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.


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