Viburnum tinus Eve Price

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Viburnum ‘Eve Price’ is a stunning winter flowering shrub. It offers stunning white flowers that emerge from pink buds during December, lasting through to spring.


Viburnum Eve Price is perfect as a stand alone shrub, in mixed border plantings and as hedging too, where it will also showcases blue-black fruits that attract wildlife. The dense bushy habit will provide a valuable shelter to birds in the harest months, and if allowed to grow large or as a hedge it will become a favoured nesting site for many species.


This Viburnum also looks great in seasonal planters, used as a central foundation, perhaps surrounded by other plants such as Polyanthus, trailing Ivy and Spring flowering bulbs. If you’re looking for a shrub that will brighten up your garden during the winter months, then Eve Price is the one for you!


Supplied in approx  2-3 litre containers.

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