Northern Lights Viola Plant - The Small Flowered Pansy - Viola Plants in Bud & Bloom

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These violas are the epitome of instant gardening - you'll be able to plant them out and enjoy these and their masses of flowers for months on end. Delivered covered in buds and blooms, nothing could be simpler.

Violas are generous plants, they are very easy to grow, adaptable, robust and hardy and provide a seemingly endless and abundant flowering season, wonderful scent and such an array of flower colours - no garden should really be without them!

Flowering from Autumn right the way in to Spring, they will continue blooming through winter in all but the harshest weather. Perfect for beds, borders or patio planters.

They're just starting to bloom now and will erupt in to a mass of flowers throwing out hundreds of individual blooms over the season. What is more - viola flowers are edible and can be included in fancy salads or crystallised for cake decorating.

Supplied in approx 9cms pots, with buds and flowers in season, if you buy multiple plants, you will receive a full array of different colours.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 2.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!