Large circa 5-6ft Grape Vine - Vitis vinifera 'Cardinal'

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Bring the Mediterranean to your garden with this grape vine. A strong growing, deciduous climbing vine with ornamental toothed leaves, which turn a glorious bright red in the autumn. Dense pale green fragrant flowers in summer are followed by bunches of edible sweet and juicy grapes, ripening ready to harvest in mid-autumn.

Cardinal is a mid-early variety, a hybrid of the well known Flame variety, producing masses of large dark red grapes that have a pearly grey finish, a full, fruity flavour, and few seeds. Recommended. Supplied in approx 3-5 litre containers.

This variety of grape is a very adaptable and can be grown in all soil types, doing best in well-drained soil, preferring neutral to acidic soil. Most prolific when positioned in full sun, with a south or west facing aspect. Ideally, this vine would be grown by a wall in a sheltered position. This variety is UK hardy, but early season growth may need to be protected by from frosts using horticultural fleece.

No regular pruning required, just once in mid-summer and once in late winter or early spring. Trimming will keep your specimen looking neat and tidy. Specifically, remove any shoots which have crossed over or congested the plant, as well as damaged and diseased branches. An annual mulch after pruning will supress any competing weeds, hold down moisture and add organic matter to the soil.