Finger Lime - Citrus Australasica sanguinea - Caviar Lime Tree

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Known as a microcitrus due to it's small leaves, compact growth and finger sized fruit, the pulp from this distinct fruit explodes in the mouth and sets it apart from all others! Rarely found in this country as fruit and even more rarely found as plants, the Caviar Lime is becoming known as a new foodie delicacy to those in the know.

Gherkin-like in appearance, the slender, large-finger sized fruits are filled with tiny, tangy jewels that burst in the mouth - finger limes are as intriguing as they are delicious. They can be harvested under-ripe and green, for more sharpness or left to ripen to provide rose-pink coloured jewels.

Citrus Australasica sanguinea, to give it its scientific name goes by a variety of common names, the most evocative of these being 'Lime caviar'. This moniker is a fair descriptor, the way the fruit’s pulp explodes in the mouth sets it apart from any other fruit.

In the restaurant world this Australian citrus has certainly made a splash, and is highly sought by chefs and foodies - although of course it is notoriously expensive and hard to come by. When tasting a finger lime, you are first hit by a lovely sweet and sour perfume, before the tiny explosions of flavour kick off in the mouth.

Believed to be up to 18 million years old, finger limes are endemic to Australia. They are very tough, tolerant and hardy plants - one of the only frost tolerant Citrus, taking frosts down to -5c, although they will of course do best in a warm sheltered position, ideal in full sun on well drained soil where they will start fruiting readily at a young age.

Supplied as strong approx 3 year old, grafted bushy plants in approx 1-2 litre containers.