Rhododendron Fragrance - Amazingly Perfumed Evergreen

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This recently introduced fragrant Rhododendron plant is Scent-sational! A stylish evergreen shrub, it may be planted as a low evergreen in the garden or in a patio container.

The delightful carnation-like fragrance will immediately call to mind your fondest memories of spring. This initially highly fragrant rhododendron spreads a subtle, pleasantly sweet scent that will waft towards you the minute you enter your garden.

The Rhododendron Fragrance has large flower clusters with small, violet-colored blooms that are reminiscent of an Agapanthus. Produced in abundance, these fabulous flowers are loved by bees and butterflies. Needing little in the form of maintenance, simply a trim straight after flowering, it will grow and thrive year after year.

Supplied in approx 3-5 litre containers.

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