Wisteria floribunda Lipstick (Kuchi Beni, Peaches & Cream) - Large Specimen Plant 6ft

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‘Lipstick’ stands out from other Japanese wisterias with unique pale lilac pink flowers and clockwise twining woody stems. This is a reliable, hardy climber already established at approximately 6ft (1.7-1.8 metres). It has dense pale green foliage which appears in spring and remains all the way through to autumn when it turns a stunning deep golden yellow before falling.

Amazing scented pink flowers bloom in late spring to early summer, filling your garden with a lovely, sweet fragrance and elegant colour. A versatile vine, ‘Lipstick’ grows perfectly along a wall, trellis or fence and will establish best when planted in the ground but can thrive in a large pot. It also goes under the names 'Peaches & Cream' and 'Kuchi Beni' in the nursery trade - useful to know if you've fallen in love and are building a Wisteria collection!

Like all Wisteria varieties, Lipstick is highly adaptable, able to thrive in full sun or partial shade. Make sure it is sheltered from cold winds ideally and is in moist but well drained soil. 

Supplied as well established pot grown plants at a height of around 6ft.