WINTER SALE - Yucca filamentosa - Evergreen Hardy Adams Needle

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Commonly known as the Needle Palm or Adams Needle this evergreen shrub is the perfect unique plant to give you late summer colour and unique architectural structure. These yucca plants form beautiful green rosettes made up of large, up to 75cm long, sword-shaped leaves. Nodding creaming white flowers bloom in late summer and are displayed in clusters on stems up to 2 metres in height and will give you vibrant colour in contrast with the deep green foliage. Yucca filamentosa looks great in solitary container planting and can be used to add interest in a border.

This plant is native to central America and prefers hot dry conditions. Make sure to plant this in full sun and in any soil type as long as it is well-drained. It can be placed in exposed or sheltered gardens. 

Supplied in approx. 5 litre containers.


WINTER SALE - Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 - Save £10!

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