Bare Rooted Plant Growth Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we are continuously checking the quality of our plants prior to shipping, and they’re regularly inspected by DEFRA, to ensure they are pest and disease free when they leave us.

For items that are bare rooted, we often use cold storage facilities to keep them dormant, so you should not worry if they arrive without foliage even in warm conditions – once activated in your garden they’ll quickly burst in to life.

We carefully control moisture and temperature levels whilst in store, so they may appear quite dry on arrival - this is to prevent unwanted growth prior to arrival in your garden.

The main planting season for bare rooted plants is November to as late as June for some varieties from our cold stores. For other varieties, such as Tulip bulbs which are best planted between September and December. Thanks to our strict quality standards, we therefore guarantee our bare rooted plants and trees to grow with you.

If you purchase any of these plants during the main planting period, and any fail to break dormancy and grow, please get in touch with us by end of the first July following planting and our team will either replace where availble from stock, or issue a credit note to the value of the item.

For Autumn planted varieties, delivered between September and December, should any fail to grow by the end of the first March following planting, please do get in touch and our team will issue a credit note to the value of the item.

There is no need to return any bare rooted plants to us if they do fail, our team may however request photos in order to determine any specific issues, if the plants have not actually broken dormancy yet and so we can report any batch issues with evidence to our suppliers - and we thank you for your help in this. Plants covered by the bare root growth guarantee include bare rooted plants such as Roses and Trees such as Magnolia and Fruit Trees. Bare rooted perennials such as Hostas are covered too - in fact anything with the product code letters prefix BR provided it is not a frost sensitive plant, such as Begonias and Dahlias - we can't cover these, as you will need to ensure they receive adequote protection from late frosts in Spring time - it will be easy for your to see they are strong and viable material on delivery.

We know that some people can find bare rooted plants need a little more work than potted stock, so if you're a time poor gardener, you may wish to choose our potted and ready growing options for plants available as bare root. 

On lower value packs of bulbs for example, we often pack extras so you might get a couple more than expected arrive to ensure you get the minimum number stated to grow. These extra freebies we include are not covered by this guarantee, as we only guarntee 4 plants to grow in a pack of 4 - not 6 for example if we deliver extras - these are simply included to ensure your ultimate success.

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