5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee

Here at Gardening Express your satisfaction with the plants you have purchased is very important to us - our staff are specifically trained to select the very best for your order.

We therefore guarantee most of our Hardy nursery stock for FIVE YEARS, and are confident you'll have little call do invoke this guarantee.

The Plants covered include all Hardy Trees, Perennials, Bamboos and Shrubs that are handily identified by the single letter Product code prefixed  T, P, B or S. We also cover our Fruit Trees denoted with the double letter prefix FT.

If any of these plants should fail to establish within this period we will replace them free of charge, provided they have been looked after correctly. If the plant is no longer available we will issue a credit note to the value or an alternative variety.

All you have to do to claim this is return the plant within 5 years, along with the original proof of purchase and plant label. 

Please Click Here for our Returns Form to claim under this. There is no need to contact us if you're taking up this guarantee - simply make your return and our team will process your replacement or credit note as soon as your return arrives back here with us.

What's not covered by the 5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee?

As we cover all of the UK, with the climate being very diverse across the country, we can't cover plants that may be hardy in one region but not another.

Someone with a sheltered garden in an area may have tropical plants thriving, where a few metres down the road it could be a different story. Therefore, we are unable to cover any tropical plants with our guarantee, or any Mediterranean plant species, House Plants or annual single season plants and patio plants which will only ever have a limited lifespan are also excluded. These items are clearly indicated throughout the site as they do not have the product code prefixes of the plants that are covered, in particular look out for product codes PP, H, and X when making your selections if you only want to buy the hardiest plant varieties.

It's worth noting that in the UK many of these plants will be hardy and it will be dependent on your localised conditions, furthermore, soil conditions and drainage (often wet British winters are more  harsh on some plants than extreme temperatures), so you may well find a lot of these types of plants will grow with ease and come through the winter no problem - we just can't guarantee it, as everyones garden aspect, soil, irrigation etc is different. 

Conditions of the 5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee:

  • No replacement can be given unless you return the original plant - we understand that this may not be convenient, but there are some very important reasons this is required which we'll explain here. We will absolutely do our part and replace or credit the plant, there is however an element of shared responsibility to this guarantee.
    1) We need to ensure your replacement has the best start in life when we send it to you, so our horticultural team will inspect and identify any specific issues that may have occured with the plant whilst in your garden so that we can help you by advising any pitfalls to avoid with your replacement when caring for the specific plant variety.
    2) We also need this so we have evidence to take back to our suppliers, as if you're not happy - we're not happy. Our suppliers are then able to investigate to prevent this happening in the future.
    3) We are also regularly inspected by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (part of DEFRA) and are legally obliged to show them any stock which is not right so they can be sure there are no quarantine pests or diseases within the UK's plant supply chain. We can't fulfill our legal obligations under the Plant Health regulations if we don't have the plants available with issue for diagnostic testing.
  • We also need your proof of purchase (you can find this in your account) and the plant label so we can identify the exact batch of plants your's came from and trace back to source and the nursery that originally propagated this plant (again, this is a legal requirement).
  • The guarantee is subject to the customer following the planting and care instructions supplied with the plant.
  • We will replace the plant free of charge, but reserve the right to charge carriage at our standard rate for each replacement required. In most instances however we will not charge this - only where multiple plants are being handled. 
  • For large/oversized palletised shipments shipping will be charged at cost.
  • Gardening Express do not cover the cost of the return of the failed plant as part of our shared responsibility ethos, just the value of the plant itself. We do not offer a collection service.
  • Extreme climatic conditions may invalidate this guarantee. (eg. Drought, extreme temperatures, abnormal weather conditions)

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