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Clematis Piilu - Summer Flowering Clematis
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Clematis Piilu - Summer Flowering Clematis

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Clematis 'Piilu' is a relatively recent introduction, but has been around a little while now to have really stood the test of time. A deciduous climber to about 2 metres (6ft) in height, it also goes under the very cute name of "Little Duckling".

The first flowers appear in May - June, many of which are often double, while the later blooms are single. The flowers are light purplish pink with an eye catching wide dark purplish-red bar. ''Piilu'' is considered a large flowering Clematis with numerous flowers on one year plants.

A very heavy bloomer, Clematis Piilu produces a plant that flowers from top to bottom. Many varieties of Clematis bloom only near the top the plant, leaving the bottom bare, so Piilu really scores points here.

Long and perpetual flowering, 'Piilu' will start blooming in May and keeps on going until October, providing great floral value wherever it is planted. Many clematis varieties have blooms that fade or shrink over time, but not 'Piilu'. There are always blossoms present, unlike many Clematis varieties ''Piilu'' does not take a mid-summer break.

Perfect for covering a fence, trellis or wall, or perhaps scrambling through a small tree or pergola. Supplied in approx 2 litre containers, often with buds and flowers in season.

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