Hydrangea anomala petiolaris - Climbing Hydrangea - circa 80-100cms tall

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This unusual Climbing Hydrangea is unlike what you might expect, there are no big brightly coloured flower heads, but instead masses of creamy-white, lacecap flowers from late spring in to the summer months, all carried over dark green foliage that has the added bonus of transitioning to a beautiful buttery-yellow shade in autumn.

This woody-stemmed, climbing hydrangea is a real super-star as it not just survives, but thrives and flourishes in the shady, otherwise inhospitable areas of the garden, in those conditions where few other ornamental climbers will grow. It can of course, also be planted in a regular position if you don't have a dank corner in need of help! One of our recommended plants, it's perfect for covering an unsightly fence or wall where is will happily romp along to display the  masses of showy, lacy, white flowerheads. It's self supporting too, simply clinging to any structure on its own.

Supplied in approx 5-6 litre containers these plants atre very well established already at around 80-100cms tall, very bushy with plenty of leading shoots to get off to a flying start at covering any walls, fences or more in your garden.


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