Eriobotrya japonica - Japanese Loquat - LARGE Specimen
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Eriobotrya japonica - Japanese Loquat - LARGE Specimen

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The Japanese Loquat is an architectural Evergreen, forming a large Shrub or Small Tree.

Eriobotrya or loquat are a really useful evergreen shrub or small tree. Loquats are often seen in mediterranean gardens where it is prized for it's tasty apricot like fruits. However here in the U. K we love it for it's hardiness and the wonderful dark green almost leathery leaves it produces. It makes a superb architectural evergreen shrub or small tree somewhat like a large leaved rhododendron but without being fussy about soil requirements and being fairly wind proof. Unfortunately for us unless you live in a very mild location the fragrant flowers are produced in winter and rarely produce fruits.

A fabulous plant and recommended for all exotic or architectural gardens. Supplied in approx 10 litre containers at up to around 150cms tall.