Olea Europa - Large Mediterranean Olive Tree - circa 125-150cms Tall
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Olea Europa - Large Mediterranean Olive Tree - circa 125-150cms Tall

Product ref: T70030

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Elegant, grey-green leaves retained all year and tiny, fragrant, creamy-white flowers, followed by edible, green fruits.

This olive tree makes an excellent specimen for a sunny, Mediterranean-style garden.

Slow-growing with a nice stem and attractive silvery leaves, making it perfect for planting in a large container.

Admired on your holidays it can now be admired at home as the Olive bush flowers during the Summer with avid green edible fruit appearing in the Autumn, ripening to black. The fruit is of normal size and the bush will last many years. Each year it will produce more and more succulent fruit, especially if you can afford it a place in the conservatory over winter.

The olive tree is a symbol of abundance, glory and peace. 'Extending the olive branch' dates back to the first Olympic games in 776 BC and was awarded to the winners, symbolizing the armistice of any hostility and the peace! It's the perfect gift for those who deserve an apology.

Supplied as a strong attractive young tree, old enough to produce real edible olives at around 125-150cms tall.